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Robat Makhzan private Joint stock Co. was established in 1990 with the aim of designing and manufacturing equipment and tanks used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Company was relocated to its present address in 2000.Robatmakhzan Company has a 16 years experience in field of designing and manufacturing of various types’ storage, process, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and chemical materials injection packages engineering. The company cooperates with Tehran University and also Iranian ministry of industries and mines and many scientific and Industrial organizations in the field of scientific studies, research, innovation and using the day know-how and technology.

Here is a summary of Robatmakhzan co. capabilities, originalities and activates in Iranian industries:

Designing and manufacturing various types of single and double jacket storage tanks, oil refining, bleaching and deodorizing tanks. Gas plant in vegetable oil processing and treatment factories.   Manufacturing of aseptic tanks for storage of sterilized products in dairy plants.  full automatic CIP system in order to washing and sanitation of food processing equipments in dairy , beverages and fruit juice and fruit Juice concentrate processing plants .  Fabrication of storage and process tanks available in dairy industry according to DIN standards.

Designing and manufacturing various types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, distilling columns and stainless steel & carbon steel storage tanks available in gas oil and petrochemical industries according to API & ASME standards.

Designing and manufacturing various types of fermentation reactors available in biological industries, sterilized steam producing device, 12cells desolation machine and V-blender available in pharmaceutical industries.

Designing and manufacturing and also installation & commissioning of food processing lines consist: dairy, beverages, mineral water, fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates plants. Manufacturing of various types of stainless steel fittings and centrifugal pumps with 20m3 /h throughputs.

Manufacturing of various types of pressure vessels, heads and dishes with 5m working diameters and 35 mm thickness according to DIN&ASME standards.

Designing and construction of chemical materials injection packages available in gas oil and petrochemical industries for the First time in Iran.

Technical engineering department:

Robatmakhzan Company has used skillful and proficient engineer’s experiences infield of designing, calculation, and drawing in order to producing international products.

Quality control department:

Robatmakhzan has employed skillful quality control experts for evaluation, inspection, and monitoring of all raw materials and final products processing steps according to customer order and formal executive standards.

RobatMakhzan Transportation Tank

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