Oil, gas and petrochemical industry:

1- Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC).

2- Iranian offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC).

3- Mobin Petrochemical Company.

4- Bandar Emam Petrochemical Company.

5- Razi Petrochemical Complex.

6- Karoun Petrochemical Company.

7- Tehran Oil Refining Company.

8- Research Institute of Petroleum Industry.

9- Tehran Oil Product.

10- Oil Materials Export terminals.


 Dairy Industries Section:

1- Iranian Dairy Industries Company (IDIC) include factories: Pegah Tehran, Pegah Mashad, Pegah Khoozestan, Pegah Fars, Pegah Kerman, Pegah Tabriz, Pegah Zanjan, Pegah Lorestan, Pegah Gorgan, Pegah Golpaygan, Pegah Uromiah, Pegah Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Pegah Rasht.

2- Pak Dairy Company.

3- Duka Company.

4- Baher Company.

5- Mimas Company.

6- Paksar Company.

7- Pakara Sanandaj Company.

8- Shayan Company.

9- Damdaran Company.

10- Salmas Dairy Products Company.

11- Astan Ghods Razavi Company.

12- Pakban Company.

13- Kazeinat Company.

14- Zarineh Obato Company.

15- Gela Amol Company.

16- Ojan Company.

17- Kaleh Company.

18- Nahavand Laban

19- Kimia Panir.

20- Panir Jolgeh Neishabour.

21- Motahar Gilan.


 Ice cream section:

1- Rooz ice cream.

2- Mihan ice cream.

3- Golbarg ice cream.

4- Tohfeh ice cream.

5- Goldis ice cream.

6- Pormalat ice cream.

7- Kaleh ice cream.

8- Bist ice cream.

9- Behtak ice cream.

10- Chaharfasl ice cream.

11- Shahdad Laban.


Beverage and Mineral Water :

1- Zamzam beverages in Tehran, Mashad, Rasht, Ahwaz, … .

2- Pashmineh beverages.

3- Sasan beverages in cities of Tehran and Ghazvin.

4- Polor mineral water.

5- Manoush beverages.

6- Khoshnoush beverages.

7- Sabalan mineral water.

8- Mahnanoush Ahwaz beverages.

9- Damavand beverages.

10- Robat Zagros mineral water.

11- Cheshmeh Saran mineral water.


 Fruit Juice and Concentrate:

1- Alifard concentrate (San Ich).

2- Tonekabon concentrate.

3- Aidin Esfahan Concentrate and Pureh.

4- Takdaneh Concentrate.

5- Sarouneh Concentrate.

6- San San Shahd Concentrate.

7- Shahd Yasouj Concentrate.

8- Khoram Dareh Concentrate.

9- Dasht Neshat Shiraz Concentrate.

10- Shahd Sib Kermanshah Concentrate.

11- Shahed Concentrate.

12- Sanandaj Concentrate and puree.

13- Baghdaran Shahroud Concentrate.

14- Moghan Concentrate.


 Exports Section:

1- Complete dairy processing plant to Oman

2- Fruit Juice Reconstruction Line to Oman.

3- Dairy Line to Yemen.

4- Dairy Line to Armenia.

5- Dairy Lien to Azerbaijan.

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