Robatmakhzan Company  built in an  area as large as 15000 SQM consists of :

1- A  main products fabrication hall , 2500 square meters and 10 meters high .

2- Lateral production halls including :

A  hall 150 square meters large and 14 meters high

A  hall 300 square meters  large and 8 meters high

3- A  machinery and turnery hall 400 square meters large and 6 meters high

4- A warehouse and a side hall 150 square meters large

5- An office building with 150 square meters large

6-  A cloakroom and a restaurant 750 square meters large

Robat Makhzan Fermenter



1.    Different types of lathe machines with lengths from 1 to 3meters and also one heavy duty lathe machine with 120 cm working diameter.


1.    Milling machine and lathing disc.

3- 2 Radial drilling machines,

4- 3 Saw machines ,

5- 10 Ceiling mounted movable cranes from 2 metric tons up to 10 metric tons ,

6- 14 TIG and MIG – MAG welding machines.

7- 8 Arc welding machines with transformer.

8- Automatic pipe welding machine (GTAW), Orbimatic madein – Germany.

9- 5 High frequency polishing machines

10- 3 Rolling machines with rolling capability of up to 3 cm thickness

11- Guillotine, with guillotining capability of 20 mm thicknesses and a working length of  3 meters.

12- 3 bowl making and sheet forming  press ,

13- Flanging machine with working diameters of 4 meters

14- 2 bending machine ,

15- Hydraulic gate press with a span length of 610 cm and press capacity of 1000 tons for forming dishes and heads (torispherical , ellipsoidal , ) with a thickness of up to 35mm and also hemispherical form heads with a thickness of  up to 70 mm

16-Flanging machines for hemispherical, ellipsoidal, torispherical heads with a working span of 600 cm , a depth of 120 cm and a thickness of  35 mm .

Robat Makhzan Head

Company’s technical team

1- Technical engineering unit which deals with  designing and preparing workshop drawings, isometric drawings , etc.

2- Quality control.

3- Production manager and associated supervisors for each section including machining , tanks production , …

4- Domestic and foreign commerce.

5- Supplying and provision department .

6- After sale services.

We have also sustained close relationships with research and development units of Iranian   universities concerning the promotion of our company’s  quality control capabilities.


Among the foreign conganies we hawe cooprated with in may projects , are :

1- Alfa Laval (Sweden): in the field of installation and commissioning of fruit juice concentrate, fruit juice reconstruction lines, dairy processing plants and also supplying and supporting of spare parts, heat exchangers and technical know-how by ALFA LAVAL.

2- Tetra Pak (Sweden): Cooperation in field of dairy lines particularly. sterile milk line, aseptic tanks, together with installation and commissioning thereof.

3- Rossi & Catelli (Italy): cooperation in field of manufacturing of fruit reception equipments, tanks and internal machinery, tomato paste processing lines and fruits puree together with installation and commissioning thereof.

4- Bucher (switzerland): cooperation in relation to manufacturing the reaction tanks, screw conveyors and other operation thereof.

5- Close cooperation with Iranian Research Center of science and Technology, oil Industry Research Center and cooperation with Tehran University, faculty of veterinary Medicine in the Dairy section. Internal machinery, fruit juice concentrate lines together with installation and commissioning.

6- Krones (Germany) : In relation to mineral water and drinking water lines together with installations and operation thereof .

7- Westfalia (Germany): In relation to manufacturing of tanks and other internal devices for cream cheese lines, dairy line… dairy factories , together with installation and operation thereof .

8- LEWA (Germany): In relation to chemical injection packages for oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

9- ICE (France): In relation to water treatment lines together with installation and commissioning.

10- Domestic and foreign commerce.

11- Supplying and provision department .

12- After sale services.

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